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Spain has agreed to take in 629 migrants stranded on a rescue boat in the Mediterranean Sea after Italy’s new government denied the vessel access to its ports in a bid to force a European reckoning over the migration situation.
The move by Pedro Sánchez, Spain’s new socialist prime minister, to allow the migrants to disembark in Valencia looked set to defuse a humanitarian emergency. The UN refugee agency had warned that people on board were “in distress” and “running out of provisions”.
西班牙新近上任的社会党首相佩德罗•桑切斯(Pedro Sánchez)允许这批移民在瓦伦西亚下船的决定,看起来将化解一起人道主义紧急情况。联合国难民署此前警告,船上人员“处于困境”,“物资即将耗尽”。
The Aquarius had been sailing north towards Italy on Sunday when Matteo Salvini, the interior minister and leader of the far-right League, demanded that nearby Malta allow the migrants to land there instead.
周日,“水瓶座”(Aquarius)向北朝着意大利航行时,意大利内政部长、极右翼的联盟党(League)领袖马泰奥•萨尔维尼(Matteo Salvini)要求附近的马耳他收容这批移民。
Maltese officials refused, leaving the migrants in limbo on board the vessel, which is operated by SOS Méditerranée, a French NGO. The passengers included more than 100 unaccompanied minors and seven pregnant women.
马耳他官员拒绝照办,使这些移民滞留在船上,处于不确定状态,该船由法国非政府组织“地中海救援”(SOS Méditerranée)运行。乘客包括100多名无人陪伴的未成年人和7名孕妇。
Mr Salvini’s decision to stop the Aquarius from docking — which was quickly followed by a similar warning on Monday to the Sea Watch 3, another rescue boat in the Mediterranean — is the first tangible sign of the harsher line on migration adopted by Italy’s new government.
萨尔维尼决定拒绝“水瓶座”靠泊意大利港口之后,周一又向地中海另一艘救援船“海洋观察3”(Sea Watch 3)发出类似警告。这是第一个明确迹象,表明意大利新政府在移民问题上采取更为严厉的立场。
The populist alliance in Rome, made up of Mr Salvini’s League and the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, has said it will crack down on illegal immigrants in Italy and promised to be more confrontational with Brussels and other EU member states on the issue.
由萨尔维尼的联盟党和反体制的五星运动(Five Star Movement)在罗马组建的民粹主义联合政府已表示,它将打击意大利的非法移民,并承诺在这一问题上对布鲁塞尔和欧盟其他成员国采取更加对抗的姿态。
Over the past four years, Italy has taken in nearly 640,000 migrants, mostly fleeing poverty and war in the Middle East and Africa. Efforts to share the cost and effort of that operation with other EU member states have fallen flat as anti-immigrant sentiment has swept the continent.
“A European debate needs to be opened up quickly,” Danilo Toninelli, Italy’s transport minister from Five Star, said in a blog post on Monday.
“需要迅速展开欧洲层面的辩论,”来自五星运动的意大利交通部长达尼洛•托尼乃利(Danilo Toninelli)周一在一篇博文中表示。
Mr Salvini claimed victory almost immediately after Spain’s announcement. “It is a sign that something is changing,” he said.
In a tweet, Joseph Muscat, the Maltese prime minister, thanked Spain for its gesture and attacked Italy for the stand-off. “We will have to sit down and discuss how to prevent this from happening again. This is a European issue,” he said.
马耳他总理约瑟夫•穆斯卡特(Joseph Muscat)在Twitter上感谢西班牙的姿态,并抨击意大利导致这场对峙。“我们将不得不坐下来讨论如何防止这种情况再次发生。这是一个涉及全欧洲的问题,”他表示。
One EU official confronting the incident on Monday acknowledged it was a “political situation”, saying European and international laws did not make clear which country should receive the ship.
“It’s not a question of European law but it is a European question. We are not washing our hands of it,” said the official, adding that Dimitris Avramopoulos, migration commissioner, had been in touch with Malta’s interior minister and was seeking to speak to Mr Salvini.
“这不是一个欧洲法律的问题,但它是一个欧洲问题。我们并没有坐视不管,”这位官员表示,并补充称,移民事务专员季米特里斯•阿夫拉莫普洛斯(Dimitris Avramopoulos)此前与马耳他内政部长保持联系,并寻求与萨尔维尼交谈。
“I don’t believe there is any European country that would want 600 deaths on its hands,” the official said.
Meanwhile, Italy’s decision to close its ports to such migrants — after years in which it was hailed as an example of generosity and solidarity — triggered a sharp backlash from the mayors of some of its own largest port cities.  
“A heartless minister may let …human beings die at sea, but the port of Naples is ready to receive them. We are human, with a big heart,” wrote Luigi De Magistris, mayor of Naples, on Twitter.
“一个无情的部长可能会让人死在海上,但那不勒斯港准备收容他们。我们是人,有宽阔的胸怀,”那不勒斯市长路易吉•德玛吉思特里斯(Luigi De Magistris)在Twitter上写道。


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