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Directions: The following is a passage with numbered gaps. Choose from the list below an appropriate
word to fill in each gap, making CHANGES in form where necessary. Each word given in the list can be
used only ONCE and not all of them will be used. (30%)

require sweep have provided if react
develop culture feel even poor principal
contain do wide locally abroad prevalent
that distinct advances longer from own
canned however bring commit to psychologically
in what much

It has been said that „we are _____1___ we eat‟, and from a physiological point of view it is the
food we eat that builds our bodies and influences our general health and disposition.
One of the saddest features of the modern world is that millions of people round the globe do not
have enough to eat and many more do not have the right kinds of food ___2____for good health. We
are constantly faced with the stark contrast between nations in the developed countries who have
more food than they need, and the millions in many ____3_____ countries who are hungry and often

In order to be healthy, man needs a balanced diet ____4____ protein, fat, carbohydrate(碳水化
合物), vitamins and minerals. The carbohydrate in bread, rice, potatoes and sugary foods provide
energy for the body. Too much carbohydrate, however, results ____5____ obesity(肥胖症)which can
endanger health. The fats and oils in milk, cream, butter, cheese and fat meat provide the body's main
stored food and contain twice as ____6_____ energy as carbohydrates. The protein in cheese, eggs,
meat, fish and milk promote growth and repair damage to the body's tissues. The body also needs
small amounts of vitamins and minerals._____7______ a person's diet consists of a variety of foods
such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, green vegetables and fruit, the required amounts of vitamins and
minerals are taken in.

The kinds of foods people become accustomed ____8____ in the early formative years become
an integral part of their psychological make-up. If they move to another country and ___9______, they
tend to take their eating habits with them and to cling to the style of food to which they accustomed. It
is ____10________reassuring to eat the foods one is used to; the best way to make a foreign visitor
_____11______ 'at home' is to offer them the kind of food they would eat in their own country.
When discussing food and diet, it is always necessary to treat the world's population as two
___12_____ sections: those who have food in relative abundance and those who suffer shortages of
____13____ the most basic foods. The inhabitants of developed countries benefit from their wealth
and the___14_____ in food technology. Refrigeration, food preservation and rapid transport systems
allow people in Britain, for example, to enjoy foods from all parts of the world. Unable to grow sufficient
food for their needs, the British import a ___15_____ variety of foods, from the humble potato to exotic
tropical fruits. Food processing has meant that the seasons no___16_____ dictate diet: vegetables
such as peas and beans are ____17______or frozen and are available the whole year round; soft
fruits such as strawberries, which are only produced ____18_____ for a short season, can be imported
from other parts of the world; citrus fruits and bananas, which do not grow at all in temperate Britain,
are ____19_____ in from the Mediterranean and the tropics and are continuously available.

The developed countries do, ____20______, pay a penalty for having such an abundance of food:
obesity and the concomitant diseases such as heart disease are more ____21______. It has been
said that the French, for example, who consume a particularly rich diet, ____22______suicide with a
knife and fork. But even in the rich countries, an economic recession can alter eating habits. Although
some developed countries have become slightly ___23_____, the result has not been damaging and
may even prove to be a good thing in ____24_____the people in these countries will eat a little less.
The effects of economic recession on many developing countries, however, have been disastrous, with
famine and death _____25______ through vast area of Africa. Although drought is a ___26_____
cause of this famine, the economic pressure to produce cash crops, such as cotton, for export has
reduced the ability of these countries to produce food crops for their ___27______people. Already
saddled with huge foreign debts, many developing countries cannot buy the food they need from
___28_____. Fortunately, the developed countries have ___29_____ to the famine crisis and are
providing food aid from their embarrassingly high food surpluses. Meanwhile, over large parts of the
globe, hungry people are wondering not what to eat, but ____30____they will eat.


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